Food Forest for Life
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Food Forest for Life


Nutrition, Beauty and Abundant Organic Food for Life!

8 Layers of Edible Perennial Plants

Canopy trees, Sub-canopy, Shrubs, Vines, Herbs, Ground cover, Fungi, and Underground layers
Yielding edible fruit, nuts, berries, vegetables, rhizomes, tubers, mushrooms, herbs, seeds and flowers!
8 layers of edible perennials in food forest


Low-maintenance perennials

Customized for your climate zone, location, taste and budget

Any size, Outdoor or Indoor
sanctuary food forest indoor vertical garden
Professional Installation
Using natural, organic soil additives and fertilizers
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Outdoor designs starting at $997 for ¼ acre
Making Deserts Green
food forest in Texas
Making Green colorful!
food forest circular
We design a food forest just for you and your property, with 7-8 layers of edible perennials for your climate, zone, tastes and budget.
food forest design plan
Our professional installers prepare your soil, move dirt and stones, plant saplings, shrubs, vines, and herbs, and add organic fertilizer at the right time and place for your Food Forest.
food forest installation